Fahrenheit – Re-publishing Danilo Dolci’s works

Mar 12, 2014Archive

Is it useful nowadays to read or re-read Danilo Dolci’s works? Why do people feel the need to get inspired by his non-violent philosophy and actions?
Loredana Lipperini has talked about it with Giuseppe Barone and Giuseppe Dicevi during Radio3 RAI programme,“Fahrenheit, i libri e le idee” (Fahrenheit, Books and Ideas).

Giuseppe Barone is an expert in non-violent practices, human rights and peace education. He has been one of Danilo Dolci’s collaborators since 1985 and he is also vice-president of Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci. He edited for Mesogea the new edition of “Ciò che ho imparato e altri scritti” (Things I have learnt and other writings), moreover he has written a foreword to “Palpitare di Nessi” (Pulsing connections). Both of them are Danilo Dolci’s books. Giuseppe Dicevi is the curator of “Danilo Dolci, Una vita contro miseria, spreco e mafia”(Danilo Dolci, a life against poverty, wasting and mafia), published by Coppola editore.

We would like to thank Loredana Lipperini and Fahrenheit editorial staff for having devoted this programme to an in-depth analysis of Danilo Dolci’s heritage.

Note: All the texts written by or about Danilo Dolci are available at our Center library.

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