Rai Radio 3 speaks about Danilo Dolci

Jan 14, 2011Archive

radio-rai-3-logoOn Saturday the 15th, Sunday the 16th, Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th of January a cycle of episodes about Danilo Dolci will be broadcast as part of the “Passioni” program, edited by Cettina Flaccavento.

The “Passioni” cycle, entitled “Danilo Dolci – a Choral History” and directed by Carola Susani, collects the stories of those who knew the famous poet, pedagogist and non-violence master, and through these accounts it brings back the flavour of the times in which Danilo Dolci lived and worked.

Passioni is a program articulated around a series of lectures on a specific subject of two to ten episodes. Each cycle offers a narration and an exploration in first person, either by the protagonist or people concerned by the “passion” that is at the centre of the chosen theme, and makes use of interviews, sound archives and music. “Passioni” does not wish to have a journalistic or didactic approach but more a living experience of the protagonists, of their stories and emotions.