A poet of education – Danilo Dolci for Wikiradio on Radio 3

Jul 3, 2012Archive

Pieces of Danilo Dolci’s interviews (1977 Swiss tv) and a report of Archivio Luce (taken from Danilo Dolci’s documentary “Memory and Utopia”, directed by Alberto Castiglione). Passages from the Radio Libera Partinico transmission, the first Italian illegal broadcaster in the post-war period which send out the SOS of western Sicily poor people (with Danilo Dolci’s voice) on the 25th of March 1970, and gave voice to the population two years after the Belice earthquake (with a cd edited by the Centre for Creative Development “Danilo Dolci” on the 35th anniversary of the initiative 1975-2005).

Danilo Dolci Un poeta dell’educazione – WikiRadio RadioTre by Danilo Dolci on Mixcloud