Draft of manifesto

In 1986 Danilo Dolci initiated what he called “Bozza di Manifesto” (Draft of manifesto). It was the beginning of a long work time that lasted for 8 years. You may be asking yourself what  he  did  during  this  period.  Danilo  wrote  a  draft  expressing  some  main  ideas concerning the problems that corroded society and relations, and some proposal to solve those problematic situations. Later on this draft was sent to several people (Noam Chomsky, Johan Galtung, Paulo Freire, Scott Kennedy, Franco Alasia, Gilbert Silva Ruiz, etc.) who had the chance to read it and give their own personal contribution, permitting, in this way, to improve the first draft and enriching it. When it was ready, after more than 120 people had contributed to the final text, it became a true “maieutic text” that encompassed the thoughts and feelings of hundreds of people. Even if it was written some years ago, it is still very actual. It offers each individual the opportunity to think about the problems and wounds of the planet and its creatures yet at the same time it encourages positive actions, by showing different possible ways to pursue the search for a new future.


Those - who allow themselves to be victims – escape from remarkable opportunities of resisting, choosing and inventing. Since we all know too well that gregarious conformism is the outcome of both fear and lack of self-determination.
In learning how to manage with bi and multi univocal interactions, we try to understand global interactions - by conceiving the environmental culture, the ecological structures and the biosphere – and at the same time we should not misinterpret the capacity of meeting up to plan efficient programs toward liberation as a sort of priest like logorrhea, the epidemics of transmissions.

Those who are subordinated to diffuse factories (and schools must be included), are foreigners to finalities and scopes of these projects, they are entangled, piloted by circumscribed institutions of dominant minorities, that have managed to disguise themselves into legal majorities.
In mercantile forest, uncritical consumerism empowers masters-producers and strengthens dominion viruses.
Whirling in-between death and new life, the overwhelming complexities of earthly problems require in-depth analysis and intuitions, to which everybody should give their own contribution.
It is not possible to communicate if a sincere, non-violent, creative involvement is lacking, since a true creative development demands effective communication and connection skills.
A rare and arduous outcome of attentive mutuality, more than a mere chain of symbols and words such as real communication is, boosts Earth's immune system, frees us from our parasites and becomes concrete in an economy indispensable to the growth of civil society: communication enhances the possibilities of information-fecundation which become entirely concrete.

The growth of individuals depends on the quantity of their relations multi-directionally connected, while the sincere, the honest has the ability of communicating, the virus, the liar transmits by polluting.

It is not possible to rely on mass-media to unmask this system, considering that they are the mono-directional expression of a deforming culture (sources, which declare themselves to be independent, should therefore test their own autonomy in public). Mass media transmit on TV even lectures and masses, (events that are aimed – instead - at being public spaces of collective research and initiatives), they also reduce to a mere show sports and religious events, perverting the Feast that degenerates in a massive video-absorption.

Piloted by experts in molding successful images, electronic shows are replacing the effective in-depth analysis of a radical political debate and inure people to dependence.
Those who enjoy noises, reeks and desperately strive to slip away, often destroy what surrounds them while dreaming of self-destruction, as the living breath does not consent to be corrupted, wounded, undone, bought, it does not desire to be commanded as it seeks the cooperation of those who wish to live fully.
Thinking to retain the monopoly of truth, laical or not-laical institutions have tried to obstacle the authentic growth of individuals, groups and peoples in any time.
It is necessary to appeal to those who avert the immense importance of this issue to the earthly life, to those who understand the intimate connections between peace and the appreciation of inner unexplored resources or between exploitation and violence, or to those who have an educational role.
In order to discover and express the explosive secrets of communication, it is necessary to develop its workshops everywhere and to build up common fronts.

We invite everyone, wherever possible,:

to promote, especially among youths, initiatives that would allow them to express their own attitudes (either among peers or with whom might help them to find their own identity), so that they might recognize their concrete needs; to promote initiatives of empowerment that would ease comparative evaluations;
to organize courses and seminars, at any level and in any field, aiming at training experts in methods that help teaching people how to grow up in groups that might foster personal and collective creativity and that might substitute inner creaturely structures with mono directional authorities; having in mind that it is necessary to grow up in/within a communitarian structure in all its infinite variations, albeit it is not easy.
in any field and at any level, to find ways to test the most suitable and efficient methodologies as to encourage people to ask themselves: are we entangled in shortsighted arguments at such an extent that we are not able anymore to conceive and build up communicating structures? Isn't parasitism more likely to take roots where creatures are not capable of growing up autonomously?
to identify areas where communication structures have already been tested, analyse these structures and invent suitable strategies to spread debates and initiatives;
to foster the discovery of personal authentic interests, avoiding anachronistic rules and inertial behaviors: since the incoherent fatigue undoes creatures, while true labor potentiates human inner nature;
to originate processes of self-analysis focused on disclosing and fostering the unique genuine potentials of peoples who now live at margins, in areas where the impact of industrialization is whirling, so that they could look objectively at their own conditions and avoid any inferiority complex towards deforming external models, in fact apparent disadvantages might serve as inestimable resources. To start this action, it would be appropriate to analyze with specific groups, composed also of experts, how unemployment plagues might be solved thanks to specific interventions;
to provoke analysis, debates, tests on emblematic events (such as gatherings of hundred thousand fans in stadiums or the emptiness of various modern successes etc.), and create experiences, acting so as to educate everyone to evaluate, choose, control, learn and hope without illusions;
to fight against fashion, that inflates the term “creativity”, in order to inspire specific initiatives, processes of research-action-reflection aimed at identifying which are the adequate conditions to develop structures that foster intelligence, personal and collective creativity, included the capacity of choosing, deciding, announcing, acting: where possible, use existing initiatives (educational, cultural, pacifist, religious, trade-unionist, of cooperation, authentically politic measures) otherwise invent these structures for the construction of mutual respect;
to prompt self-analysis among youths: how do they live? Which perspectives do they have, especially if they inhabit in the so-called urban cages? What is the root of their evils? How to dismantle all the different forms of dominion? Aren’t youth intoxicated by abusing forces, rather than drugs? If those who wish to impose their dominion, tend to cluster, how might people apprehend to purify themselves from any kind of parasitism through communication? ;
everywhere people without hope risk to escape from their problems and from their homeland to mass in anti economic human folds, it will be useful to try to promote even International and intercontinental initiatives that would exclude dominion relationships (in fact, working together with different people is an opportunity to know and to enrich each other), and would detect the way towards appreciating local territories and the most advanced methodologies for searching, planning and developing adequate organs and experts: governments which leave ajar frontiers to people who escape from underdeveloped countries, usually do that to keep distributing low salaries, so that the riches could profit from that and “buy” people in needs to the most humiliating services. At the same time they try to dislocate polluting transnational industries in poor countries, since they are refused by others.
as distances shorten day by day, it is necessary to establish a concrete organ that would teach how to deal with international problems: so that UN might execute effectively a government for communication.

«Fighting for people» is not enough; the vanguard of mass-fighters cannot liberate the world alone.
It is a false myth to lead the change as «the flag for teaching to masses to follow and hate», as Gramsci once has announced.
Violence is not the midwife of revolution, even though it is better to be violent than to be impotent, as Gandhi affirmed but added that «better than shooting is promoting conflicts that are more perfect and efficient than shooting».
It is not sufficient to use rifles, bombs, spies in order to dismantle mafia-nepotistic systems at a continental level
Is there a possible way to illuminate every corner of the world, and free all the infinite energies of a planet where entire continents are still exploited, as it still happens in South America, so that from part to part we manage to discover people’s interests through people’s own actions?
Would not it be a real revolution to ignite maieutic processes that might generate the necessary strength to change? The potentials of maieutic communication are still at its beginning, it still has to be discovered at a global level: it announces the responsibility of a new revolution, immense, for the next generation against any pretended monopoly. Eroded by centuries, the fixity of any unidirectional teaching has started to vacillate. Looking at the world by having in mind all the possibility of the maieutic structures is like looking again through Galileo’s telescope for the first time.
We still don’t know how the first cell appeared on Earth, we still ignore the optimal conditions for life or how mutualism, co-evolution, communality, the structuring of memory and conscience has been shaped: we ignore the essence of life.
Despite all of that, we have started understanding some aspects of the Tree of Life, of which branches dry out, if left unattended.
Scents of honey in an autumn day, in Modica between the walls, fields are becoming white with groundsels.
The angiosperms had more time to invent and structure their enormous new economy; so did vegetable inflorescences: for us, learning how to communicate is a slower and more complex process.
Things are difficult, but not impossible. Every creature has remarkable skills for self-regeneration.

Danilo Dolci