BOEMI continues: music and new media between theory and practice

Mar 16, 2016Education and Training

boemi-musica-newmediaThe activities of BOEMIBuilding our employment skills through Music Investigations and new media are continuing!

The project is addressed to youth workers and youngsters with fewer opportunities, and it aims to promote their competences and skills and to foster their active participation in local communities and in the work-lifethrough music, new media and innovative non-formal methodologies – like Danilo Dolci’s Reciprocal Maieutic Approach.

Last December 2015 in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, a little city near Madrid, an International Training Course has been realized for the member of the Local Working Groups from the partner countries involved in the project: Italy, Denmark, Ghana, Spain.

The meeting, which involved 22 youth workers, had the objective of train the young participants on music as a tool for self-promotion thanks to the use of new technologies, new media and through innovative non-formal education’s methodologies.

During the training course, young people from each country, presented the local research about traditional music, carried out by each group at local level in the previous phase of the project. They also experienced Reciprocal Maieutic Approach of Danilo Dolci, applied to the musical context and they has the occasion to plan the next activities of the project, which foresee the involvement of youngsters of their local communities.

Through the training course it was possible to create a clear connection between music, non-formal education and new media. Participants understood how people can turn a passion into a professional competence and how music can develop skills and competences useful in the everyday life as well as in the job market.


During the training, participants had the opportunity to visit schools and conservatories where music is the main educational tool for children and youngsters.

After this successful activity involved the youth workers , now we are ready to prepare the local workshops that will begin in the next weeks, before the final concert that will mark the end of the project and which will be realized in Palermo on summer.

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