M-EASY: Maths as an empowerment tool for migrant and refugees

Dec 11, 2018Education and Training, News

The III meeting of the M-EASY project was held in Vienna on December 6th and 7th. The partners met up in order to assess the work done so far and to discuss about the next steps of the project.

Among the project outcomes we will produce:

  • Training course ‘M-Easy’to develop mathematics skills of low skilled adults, including refugees, asylum seekers, migrants;
  • Toolkit for adult educators:Developing competences needed for effective running of ‘M-Easy’ training course;
  • Educational workshop for Local CommunitiesSuccess of the integration of low-skilled adults through education.

During the meeting, particular attention was given to the Toolkit for adult educators  “Developing competences needed for effective running of ‘M-Easy’ training course” which main aim is to extend and develop educators’ competences needed for effective teaching of maths skills for low-skilled adults. 

The general methodology to all the intellectual outputs is based on Open Educational Resources in order to promote the open access to developed educational tools. The methodology of the Toolkit for adult educators is a set of on-line methodical materials to ensure effective facilitation of the ‘M-Easy’ training course for the low-skilled.

The following competences will be developed:

  • Digital competence with especial emphasis to develop the soft skills in using the mobile applications (Apps) and Internet-based open educational resource to apply for training of low-skilled learners.
  • Social competences particularly to work effectively and constructively with low-skilled adults, including refugees, asylum seekers, migrants.
  • Competence on being facilitators for developing skills for mathematic competence of the low-skilled;
  • Competence on assessment and validation of informal and non-formal learning;
  • Competence on using reversed training methodology and flipped learning method to ensure the participatory approach for the low-skilled;


Partners will meet in Italy in May 2019 for 5 days of Staff Training in order to train 17 adult educators on how to work with low-skilled adults on providing them “M-Easy – Mathematic is Easy” training course using developed Toolkit for adult educators.

The project partnership holds together 7 organisations:


This project lasts two years and it is coordinated by Irene Ippolito. For further information you can contact irene.ippolito@danilodolci.org


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