Non-formal education in action: building democracy and social inclusion

Mar 30, 2012Education and Training

The project aims to promote the validity of the Non-formal education method at an International level through a transnational exchange of good practices in the field of youth education. NFE would be considered a complimentary tool to formal education and one of extreme importance to youth. The final product of the project is a manual which aims to explore and experiment the effectiveness of the non formal education method. The manual contains descriptions of the four workshops hosted by each one of the partners, on the themes of democracy and social inclusion. The activities that took place are documented through photo/videos collected on a DVD, as a form of audio-visual support to the manual. The project is aimed at young people aged between 14 and 25. In the final activity phase, one participant from each country gave his/her impressions on the impact of NFE on his/her life in a series of interviews which was then included in the DVD.

Each partner based their workshop on various themes, such as democracy, social inclusion and respect for the environment, developing various activities all related to the NFE method.  What’s more, the partners used intercultural and sensitive evaluation tools, according to the method in question.

The structure of the manual is flexible, and can be enlarged and updated in order to improve its’ content and maximize its’ impact.

Programme: European Youth Foundation

 Project duration: 01/01/2010 – 30/09/2010


  • Foster the exchange of good practices in the non-formal education field;
  • Increase knowledge of NFE as a complimentary instrument to personal education in everyday life;
  • Develop new evaluation and action methods in the field of NFE connected to democracy and social  inclusion.


The activities carried out during the project made it possible to implement and test the NFE method. Each partner managed a workshop on specific social themes, including:

  • Italy: a workshop based upon the theme of “personal attitude”, aimed at inspiring in participants self-knowledge and social well-being through the growth of self-esteem, interpersonal skills, communication skills, ability to deal with others; tools to combat stereotypes and prejudice.
  • Armenia: a workshop of four encounters with young people which tackled the issues of inclusion / exclusion, democracy, citizenship and active participation.
  • France: a workshop which aimed to create a moment of reflection on the theme of sustainable development, encouraging participants to develop ideas and actions for a sustainable future;
  • Greece: a workshop to raise awareness of environmental issues and the role of young people in proposing possible solutions.


  • Project coordinator: Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci”, Italy.
  • World Independent Youth Union, Armenia
  • Pistes-Solidaire, France
  • Mediterranean SOS Network, Greece

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