Parco Giochi delle Scienze is waiting you in Palermo

Oct 18, 2016Education and Training

post-promozionaleAfter the many achievements of the Parco Giochi delle Scienze project, which is designed to address early school leaving and to promote alternative scientific disciplines, we wish to share the promotional videos made with passion by students of the High School “Mario Rutelli”, one of the Institutions involved into the project.

Thanks to commitment from all who have been part of the network of Parco Giochi delle Scienze, Palermo today has two scientific areas – Tore’s Garden and Tore’s Museum – which are made at Comprehensive School “Vittorio Emanuele III” and the Comprehensive School “Pestalozzi – Cavour – which have numerous exhibits through which you can experience and learn about Science in a creative way.

If you want visit the spaces you can contact the representatives of the institutes and ask the availability for a visit: it will be a way to get closer to science and nature phenomena that surround us in an alternative and funny way.

If you wish a preview, you can visit virtually what was made thanks the project Parco Giochi delle Scienze,  through the sections of our platform: Tore’s Museum and Tore’s Garden. The platform allows you to download the deepening materials on Scientific topics addressed and to visit the sections of the work processes that led to the creation of spaces.

Parco Giochi delle Scienze has been realized thanks to the cofinancing of Fondazione con il Sud and the collaboration between A.L.I., Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci”, Fondazione Swiss Science Center Technorama, UraniaCentro Siciliano di Terapia della Famiglia, and the schools High School “Mario Rutelli”, Comprehensive School “Vittorio Emanuele III” and Comprehensive School “Pestalozzi – Cavour”.

Summer is over, a new school year nears: the Tore’s Museum and Garden are waiting for you!

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