IV meeting of the Project SUSTAIN

Oct 2, 2013Education and Training

SUSTAIN - IV incontro

The Center for Creative Development “Danilo Dolciis glad to invite teachers of pre-primary and primary schools to the IV Meeting organised in the framework of the multilateral Comenius project SUSTAIN – educating on Sustainable Development in pre-primary and primary school, that will be held on Tuesday October the 8th at 4:30 pm at the III Circolo Didattico Maggiore Guida in Via Zito  2, Partinico.

The project SUSTAIN has come to its final stage, now it’s time to show the outcomes of the work carried out so far and the future possibilities offered by the project.

During the meeting the SUSTAIN booklet will be presented, a small and practical text collecting several teaching materials and practical suggestions about their use, as well as a theoretical analysis on Education to Sustainable Development in school curricula. On top of this, the booklet will give some examples of good practices developed by each partner country (the full list of good practices is available for download at www.sustain-project.eu). During the meeting there will also be a discussion about the international training course for teachers that was held in Istanbul, with two teachers of the III circolo didattico of Partinico attending to tell their experience.

Finally, there will be a presentation of the SUSTAIN Biennial, that will take place from the 23rd to the 30th of November 2013, a creative moment and a chance for an international exchange on the issue World citizenship and democracy. Teachers willing to participate to the biennial are invited to develop with their students some teaching proposals on the issue World citizenship and democracy, and to produce items or creations inspired by this theme (posters, paintings, handcrafted items or games) to be exhibited during the biennial.

The  meeting will also be a chance to present CAREM- Collaborative Art-Making for Reducing Marginalisation (www.caremcomenius.org/index),  the new Comenius project of CSC Danilo Dolci developed in partnership with Cyprus, Greece, Ireland and Germany.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all!