SUSTAIN – Sustaining Development in Early School Education

Feb 18, 2012Education and Training

SUSTAIN project got under way. It is a multilateral Comenius project, funded by the EACEA of the European Commission, in the field of the Long Life Learning Programme (LLP).

The CSC’s partners for the realization of the project are:

From the 5th to the 11th of December the Kick-off meeting took place in Sofia and it saw the different partners busy in defining the phases of the project.

SUSTAIN was born thanks to the recognition of the key role of the school in supporting the young people, from the first years of their education, in learning the basic competences necessary to be an active part in the construction of the paths for a sustainable development.

In line with the recommendations of the European Union, the aim of the SUSTAIN project is to give the teachers the methodological sustain, in order to build educative paths that focus more and more in passing on knowledge and abilities to the students that will allow them to make aware choices on the respect of the natural  and social environment.

This project gives new solutions not only to improve the students’ learning capacities, but also to support the teachers’ training and the processes of educative interaction.

The main element of methodological innovation of the project can be found in the diffusion of the experience of the Turkish school Doga that has been testing for years methods of alternative and innovative teaching on the theme of environmental sustainability. Through the SUSTAIN project the good practices of teaching the educative contexts of the four partner countries will be shared. The good selected practices, together with the pedagogical instruments, didactical and training material,  will be collected in an online platform and in a database. So secondary school teachers will have access to innovative and effective tools for the improvement of the educative dynamics and for the contribution of the European dimension in the scholastic systems.

The SUSTAIN project will allow to build a web for the teachers of the different partner countries, and it will encourage the interdisciplinary cooperation through the sharing of new ideas on the development of the Key Competences in the primary school.

it will be guaranteed for the teachers the support in the experimentation of the new tools learnt in the training  field.

The training activities will be preceded by a field research which aim is to find the necessities and the expectations of the primary school teachers.

In the field of the SUSTAIN project the following elements are expected to be:

  • Interviews to 30 teachers of the different schools in order to analyze the formative necessities inside the educative contexts (January-February 2012).
  • Local workshop, with local and foreigner experts, addressed to 15 teachers of the primary school. The seminars, in line with the community recommendation, about the theme of education forecasts: the presentation of the model of teaching the basic competences and the analysis, the collection and the sharing of the methodological tools and the good practices for the education to the sustainable development (May – September 2012).
  • An international training course that lasts 5 days and it is addresses to 3 primary school teachers of each partner country. The training course will take place in the Campus of the Doga School of Istanbul where, in close contact with nature, the participants can experiment innovative tools to promote the sustainable development in the educational field (June 2013).

CSC Danilo Dolci invites teachers of the pre-primary and primary schools to join the project to learn and share experience, tools and innovative methodologies and widespread at European level teaching the basic competences for the sustainable development.

For more information about SUSTAIN project please contact:

Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci,

Tel. 091-6177252