[English] Together for human rights

Mar 30, 2012Education and Training

Together for Human Rights project aims to improve the quality of human rights education programs through investigation and analysis of different experiences of the partners involved. The main objective of the learning partnership is to analyze and share experiences in human rights education, starting from each respective partner country and its history. Partner organizations from 6 European countries (Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Great Britain, Italy and Slovakia) will work together with the goal of identifying approaches and methods of education in human rights education and promoting transferability and application in their respective geographical areas as well as at a European level.


Program: Lifelong Learning Program, Grundtvig Learning Partnership


Project duration: 2010 – 2012



  • The analysis, comparison and discussion of different approaches to human rights education on the basis of different experiences in partner countries;
  • The development of innovative practices in human rights education and transferability to different contexts;
  • The improvement of pedagogical approaches in the context of human rights education.


  • Analysis of different experiences in human rights education in each partner country;
  • Identification of similarities and diversity between experiences and different educational methodologies among partner countries;
  • Identification of criteria for transferability of innovative practices;
  • Publication of a catalog in 10 points on human rights education;
  • Dissemination and exploitation of results.


  • Sharing of new knowledge, skills and attitudes in human rights education aimed at adults.
  • Publication of a “10 points catalog” of human rights education.
  • A project website to ensure dissemination and visibility
  • Local communities (in particular associations, NGOs, universities, schools, training centers and local authorities) will benefit from good practices developed during the project.



  • Project coordinator: Verein Niedersachsischer Bildungsinitiativen  e.V.  (Germany)
  • Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci (Italy)
  • INTEVAL LIMITED  (Great Britain)
  • Slovak Refugee Council  (Slovakia)
  • VIFIN – Videnscenter for Integration  (Denmark)



CSC Danilo Dolci, info@danilodolci.org