The Afghan Chef Shapoor Safari and his love for sharing

May 27, 2016Employment and Employability

This morning,  the workshop on Mediterranean cuisine was held, thanks to the project Cambio Rotta: the Afghan chef, Mohamed Shapoor Safari, met a group of young from different countries passionate about the culinary arts, who are in Italy for the European Voluntary Service.

Shapoor Safari today has made us invest in the emotions that bind him to his work and his life. Its past marked by war, today is a present that finds him in the kitchen with a great desire of sharing and integration. Some youth of today, from Latvia, Slovenia, Greece, Spain, Serbia, France, have supported the Chef in the preparation of the Mantu, a traditional Afghan dish, expressing with him the values of relationships, development, creativity and understanding.

Also this workshop, like others already completed, was made possible thanks to the Consorzio Ulisse and the Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci” with the support of Fondazione con il Sud.

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