EPIC – Third partner meeting in Szeged

Jun 26, 2014Employment and Employability

WP_20140312_020The third partner meeting of EPIC project “Enhancing and Promoting International business Communication” took place in Szeged, on June 19th and 20th . EPIC is a project funded by LLP Leonardo da Vinci TOI (Transfer of Innovation) programme. Six partners – from six different countries – are involved in EPIC project. Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci (Centre for Creative Development Danilo Dolci) is among them, along with Danmar Computers (leader – Poland), Semantica Ltd (United Kingdom), Euro-Friend Change Management Consultancy Ltd. (Hungary), Kauno Prekybos, Pramonės Ir Amatų Rūmai (Kaunas Chamber of Commerce – Lithuania), Elhuyar Zubize (Spain). EPIC project’s aims and objectives refer to Lisbon Strategy targets, besides they are connected to Priority 1. In fact, the project is intended to refine the recognition of those skills and competences necessary in SMEs, through the implementation of VET based skills as product of an auditing process.  EPIC aims at training auditors, offering them the competences needed, so as to improve the commercial performances of industries by detecting linguistic and intercultural barriers, having in view the solutions to overcome them. During the third meeting in Szeged, Semantica Ltd and Euro-Friend Change Management Consultancy Ltd presented the training course for auditors which will be implemented in Lithuania, Italy and Spain lasting two days within the end of the year. Steven Hagen has also shown interesting researches concerning SME and international trade related issues connected to them.

Next EPIC project meeting will take place in Kaunas, Lithuania.

EPIC is a two-year-project, coordinated by Dario Ferrante for the Centre for Creative Development Danilo Dolci. To learn more about EPIC project, please contact Dario Ferrante at Centre for Creative Development Danilo Dolci dario.ferrante@danilodolci.org