SEMCO – Social Entrepreneurs for Mediterranean Communities

Oct 1, 2014Employment and Employability

In October 2014 the “Social Entrepreneurs for Mediterranean Communities – SEMCO “ Training Course will bring together 26 youth workers and youth leaders from 14 different countries, such as Italy, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, UK, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, Israel. This 8-day-long Training Course – funded by the Youth in Action Program, Action 3.1 – aims at encouraging of the social entrepreneurship at Euromediterranean level by promoting skills and tools that can help youngsters to turn ideas into concrete actions. SEMCO’s goal is to benefit participants onto their personal and professional pathways of development, as well as to empower their local communities.


During the last years the economic crisis has been spread worldwide leading many countries to experience continuous austerity and people to face poor and inequalities. According to the late rate of Eurostat, 23.4% of young people (under 25) in the EU 28 are unemployed, an increasing data compared to the past. At the same time, the crisis has also a strong negative impact in our society as new challenges arise, e.g.:

  • increasing social conflicts and integration problems
  • dissatisfaction and skepticism for the future especially for youngsters due to high unemployment

Unemployment, social exclusion, inequality and poverty are at the heart of young people’s concerns for the future. They are among root causes of instability and unrest, thus have to be addressed to make societies coherent and sustainable.

What, when, who and how?

The project will take place from 11 to 19 October 2014 at the Convent of Baida , some activities will be hosted at the Centro Studi Borgo di Dio of Trappeto. It will involve 17 partners and 26 participants from the youth work field such as youth leaders, youth workers, youth advisers, coming from 14 different EU and Mediterranean countries. Participants will participate in sessions dedicated to the social entrepreneurship and will obtain both theoretical knowledge (what are the one’s necessary skills and competences to become a social entrepreneur) and practical ready-to-use methods (financing social entrepreneurships, success stories etc.). Moreover, the project will encourage participants to establish new partnerships based on the social entrepreneurship projects, so that the SEMCO’s ideas, results and outcomes will keep spreading.


In the aftermath of the Training Course, SEMCO’s participants will maintain communication on the matters of events, projects and initiatives organised on the basis of the knowledge and skills obtained at the Training Course.

So stay tuned!

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