AMW multiplier event: The project concludes with new ideas, opportunities and sharing

Feb 6, 2020Events, News

On the 30th January 2020 the final event of AMW – Advancing Migrant Women, a project aimed at improving the occupational and entrepreneurial skills of migrant women, took place at ARCI Porco Rosso, in Palermo.

This event, open to all people interested or curious about the topic, was not only to conclude the project in which more than 30 migrant women living in Palermo have benefited, but was also an occasion for sharing, discussing, learning, meeting people and raising awareness. The event was divided in four parts:

  • Presentation of the project and of the actions carried out during its lifetimes, such as research and its results, 3 cycles of training and mentoring using the Coaching Circles™ method, AMW platform, and guidelines for employers .
  • Presentation of future opportunities for migrant women in Palermo such as additional projects and trainings aimed at supporting migrant women in different aspects of their lives.
  • Open Space Conference. Activity based on the Open Space Conference technology, a conference model created in the United States in 1982 and spread worldwide, where all participants have the opportunity to have a leading role in the conference, choosing the topics and without restrictions. During this activity, four groups were created where different topics were discussed, such as women’s rights, the access to official and recognised educational pathways for migrant women, or how women who have been victim of violence can become a support for other women in the same situation. The results and conclusions of these open conferences were shared and exposed to all the attendants.
  • Appetizer prepared by Mamma Africa, one of the participants of the project.

Though the project is about to finish (on the 29th of February 2020), the platform will continue to exist and provide information about the materials and other interesting topics related to the project. Anyone who is interested can register for free and download all the developed materials, such as PowerPoints and facilitator guidelines for the training and for the career circles™, the guidelines for employers and the research about the competences necessary and obstacles faced by migrant women. It is possible to access the platform with your google account, through with the course code: fa29na9, o contact Vidjaya Thelen (

All the other materials will be online on the project’s website: and on the platform, in English, Greek, Italian and Islandic.



Advancing Migrant Women is a European project financed by the Erasmus+ KA2 – strategic partnership VET.

The project is oriented to migrant women who want to develop and improve their professional skills and/or entrepreneurial abilities, in order to increase their possibilities to enter in the work market.

The partnership consists of 5 organizations:

For further information about the project, contact Vidjaya Thelen at