REACT: Great success for our theatre show for refugee social inclusion in Bristol

Apr 30, 2018Integration and inclusion, News

Is it possible to support refugees social inclusion through community theatre?

From 26 to 29 March 2018, we participated in REACT Festival of Theatre made by refugees at the actacentre in Bristol (UK).

The REACT festival explored the significance of community theatre for the integration of refugees and asylum seekers with host communities across Europe. The three REACT project partners from Bristol, Rotterdam and Palermo came together to share their learning about making theatre with refugees. During the three-days festival, we were joined by theatre companies and practitioners, academics and students for a series of workshops and conversations, as well as six new refugee theatre shows.

Each morning began with a morning-after conversation to discuss the show seen the night before, with an opportunity to ask questions and to hear more from the performers and directors. This was followed by a presentation from one of the three REACT partners, each with a different model, taking an in depth look at how they approached making refugee theatre in their country.

After lunch, the afternoon sessions included practical and conversation workshops, as well as matinee performances.

In Bristol, Marta Orozco Mossi and Dario Ferrante from CSC presented the theatre production An interval (in the immensity) directed by Martino Lo Cascio with the assistance of Silvana Oliveri, who both attended the REACT festival in Bristol. On the last day of the Festival, CSC showed the video of its theatre performance and answered to the questions that a very interested audience asked after the end of the presentation.

REACT – Refugee Engagement And integration through Community Theatre is a 2-year project funded by DG EAC – CREATIVE EUROPE Program – Support for Refugee Integration Projects aiming at fostering a positive intercultural dialogue between the refugees and the host society through theatre.

The project partnership is composed by 3 organizations which have different but complementary expertise both in the social and artistic field:

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