3MR: ready for the training to improve childhood professionals’ reading aloud practices

Sep 27, 2019News

On the 19th and 20th of September, the partners of the project “Making the Most of the Magic of Reading – 3MR” came together in Cluj, Romania to discuss the second output of the project, which are the methodological guidelines of the implementation of the curriculum (another output of the project which will be published by September 2020).

The guidelines for implementation are a very important and practical outcome of the project, as it is the blue print for the upcoming trainings and activities that we will be organized in all partner countries, starting in January 2020. A little reminder: the 3MR project aims to increase the competences regarding reading aloud (for pleasure) of early childhood educators and other professionals who work with small children, especially those with disadvantaged families, in order to increase early childhood literacy. In the first year of the project, the partners have been working on developing a curriculum for a training for those professionals, and guidelines with the methodology and training activities that can be used to actually implement the curriculum. This implementation will start from January onwards and will include 110 professionals and 25 volunteers throughout the partnership.

Thus, the meeting was used to discuss and finalize the guidelines so that partners now can start at their national and locally adapted versions. The partnership is convinced that even though European countries share similar problems when it comes to the education of reading aloud and also the importance of reading aloud for children who might not have been raised with regular reading aloud activities, each country also has its country specifics, not the least a national list of books that can be recommended.

In the upcoming 6 months, the trainings will be developed in each country and activities will start in January 2020. The trainings will be for early childhood educators, volunteers and other professionals working with small children (check the website for the complete list), and aims to increase competences in reading aloud activities (for pleasure) as well as self-reflection, planning such activities and increase literacy in the home environment through the engagement of parents.

If you want more information about the training or if you want to participate, please check the website for more information (www.readingmagic.eu) and write an email to vidjaya.thelen@danilodolci.org.