Operative Skills in Accessible Tourism: a closer reality after Tour4All’s 2nd partner meeting

May 31, 2017News

Operative Skills in Accessible Tourism: a closer reality after Tour4All's 2nd partner meeting Is it possible to support tourist operators acquiring skills in the field of the accessible tourism?

The second transnational meeting of project Tour4All – Development of curricula on Accessible Tourism for VET, which took place in Frankfurt Oder (Germany) on 4-5 May 2017, proudly marked a successful accomplishment of the first intellectual output: defining the structure of the VET training program.

Being a strategic milestone event itself, the meeting tactfully integrated not only its technical priorities but also administrative and dissemination plans into its intensive working agenda. It was an occasion for all partners to sit together, recollect and get a comparative overview of the project works done in the last 8 months in individual countries.

Specifically, results of the needs analysis research, Case Studies of Best practices in Accessible Tourism initiatives, and Benchmarking of existing VET curricular independently carried out by each partner were all reviewed and synthesized into an evidence-based foundation for training. After careful revision and discussion, on the second day, the partnership reached a unanimous agreement on the detailed curricular structure to develop in the second phase of the project, in the form of a free online training resource.

The third transnational meeting is scheduled for January 2018 in Palermo (Italy), half-way through the second Intellectual output.

Tour4All is a 2-year project funded by DG EAC, Erasmus+ Programme, KA2 Strategic Partnerships | VET.  It takes the mission to tackle the skill gap in Accessible Tourism VET by offering an upskilling training package, skill validation tool, and an online learning resource platform for both learners and trainers.

The project partnership holds together 9 organisations:

For further information on the project, follow our FB page or contact Vidjaya Thelen, vidjaya.thelen@danilodolci.org.