Advancing Migrant Women: Second Transnational Meeting and training for trainers

Sep 21, 2018News

On the 17th and 18th of September, the partners of the Advancing Migrant Women, met each other in Sheffield for the second transnational meeting as well as the training for trainers. The meeting, organized almost a year after the projects’ start, marks an important point within the project: partners are standing before the next phase of the project in which there is the implementation of the training migrant women.

The meeting in Sheffield had two main activities:

  • A day of meeting to share the results of national research, address issues related to all phases of the project and analyze the future steps to be taken
  • A day of training in which all partners presented the units which they have been developing during the last months, as well as a training of INOVA on the “Career Cirlces”. This innovative method makes collective listening and questioning the basic strength for a new leadership model. This method will be proposed throughout the training course in order to stimulate reflection, sharing of ideas and managerial growth within a group.

The meeting was a moment of sharing after the first year of work. In the first year the partners carried out in-depth national analyses and research on the level of employability and integration of migrant women. In addition, each partner has developed and proposed one or two specific learning units that will include face-to-face lessons, non-formal activities and new innovative methods.

The sharing of ideas, tools and knowledge during the meeting has facilitated the creation of a comprehensive programme, helping women to increase not only their self-knowledge, but also providing a specific focus on basic entrepreneurial knowledge for those interested in starting their own business.

Now, the full programme will be presented in Palermo as training for migrant women. The training will take place at the CSC office from 17 October 2018. For more information about the training please visit

Advancing Migrant Women is financed by the Erasmus + KA2 – strategic partnership VET.

The project aims to develop high quality training material and support for migrant women in order to empower them by developing their employability and entrepreneurship skills through a holistic programme based on training and mentoring which will increase their self-efficacy. Through this, the partnership will address the employment and integration issues that migrant women face on a daily basis. Furthermore, the project will increase awareness amongst employers of the economic and social benefits of recruiting migrant women.

The partnership consists of 5 organizations:

For more information, please visit the project website, facebook or contact Vidjaya Thelen: