Going forward with the Advancing Migrant Women Project: Sharing the first-pilot experiences

Feb 28, 2019News

On the 20th and 21st of February 2019, the third transnational meeting of the Advancing Migrant Women project took place in Palermo, Italy.

As it turned out, participants of the course in all countries responded very positively to the AMW training and mentoring circles. Despite the differences in participant’s backgrounds and local context, the training materials offer a valuable learning experience to all types of learners.

The differences in each country will give an extra dimension to the training course, as these experiences will lead to an increased applicability for various target groups with various educational and linguistic levels. In the upcoming months, all partners will adjust the units they developed according to the feedback they got from partners and participants, just in time for the second round of pilot trainings.

Other points on the agenda were the social media presence of the project, the progress in terms of evaluation and quality assurance, and finally the two last outputs of the project: the learning platform and the Guide for employers for maximizing diversity. The learning platform is being adjusted to a more user-friendly version, giving the possibility to women who participate in the project as well as participants from outside the project countries, to interact and get more materials and activities related to each unit of the course. It will also include a storytelling area in which women can upload their experiences as well as watch the success stories of other migrant women.

The guide for employers will be developed in the upcoming months, and will form a research and experienced-based guidelines for employers on how to increase diversity on the work floor, focusing especially on hiring more migrant women. It is of great importance to promote migrant women employment on both sides, not leaving out the important part that employers play in hiring migrant women and overcoming certain barriers that might hold them back.

In the upcoming period, partners will implement the second pilot of the AMW training course and mentoring circles, as well as continue to develop the learning platform. Furthermore, partners will develop the last output of the project: “Guide on Maximizing Diversity: The Business Case for the Recruitment of Migrant Women”.

Advancing Migrant Women is financed by the Erasmus + KA2 – strategic partnership VET.

The partnership consists of 5 organizations:

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