Advancing Migrant Women: Migrant women and their path of inclusion on the labour market

Jun 5, 2019News

It is often said that migrant women face double discrimination when trying to integrate in a new society and finding a job: being a woman, and being a migrant. Palermo is no exception in this regard. On the contrary, it is difficult to find women in Palermo, coming from foreign background, who found education, work and success in the Palermitan labour market. Therefore, the Advancing Migrant Women project tries to empower women, from different national, educational and linguistic backgrounds to increase their employability skills, their self-reflection, their motivation, their self-esteem and their readiness into the labour market and to give them tools to face the future with new determination.

On the 29th of May 2019, the last session of the second cycle of the AMW training course finished. Seven women have followed together a two months learning path in which their motivation has grown and they have understand more about themselves and their capacities, and about the Italian labour market situations, including the specifies of a curriculum and of the job interview.

“Thank you for making me to know how to use my strengths and to prepare myself for an interview”

Touching upon the classical subjects such as the job interview and the curriculum, which was highly appreciated by the participants, the course follows an unique method which combines theory and activities on specific themes, with coaching sessions in which participants are asked to share problems they face regarding the labour market and through sharing and collaboration, arrive at goals that they would like to achieve. Much attention is given throughout the course to goal-setting, identify feasible objectives and making action plans which increases self-motivation and self-esteem. By the end of the course, all women had increased their motivation, saying that they take things more serious now and that they understand what is important for them and their future career.

For anyone who did not participate in the group but who would like to know more or read the materials, the project has developed a platform to which anyone can subscribe, simply ask for access. For more information, please write to

Advancing Migrant Women is a European Erasmus+ Key Action 2 | VET –  funded project to increase the employability and entrepreneurial skills of migrant women through a holistic training course. Furthermore, through the experiences and research done in the last 2 years of the project, a book for employers is being developed to raise awareness about the situation of migrant women on the labour market and the ways that employers can contribute to their integration. For more information and updates about the project, please take a look at the project’s website:—about-the-project o the Facebook page: