Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality within the school

Sep 13, 2022News

How could the school and education system change?

Making a visit to the museum that is located far away, taking a walk with dinosaurs, being able to see things from the past or just learning more about some things that are related to the subject we study, everything is possible and does not require much preparation or equipment.

Today’s students have opportunities to explore and learn about everything they are interested in by a simple means, lessons are not attended as before because a simple book does not attract as much attention, and teachers have a greater task-knowing and using new methods and means to teach. Thanks to the Cris project, everything could be much easier-the consortium has created tools for teachers and their pupils. Within one of the main outcomes of the project-Toolkit for Teachers-a booklet was prepared to redesign existing lesson plans using augmented and virtual reality and 3D printing technologies, along with instructional videos.

The main purpose of the project is to prepare, equip and guide teachers in line with the needs of Generation Z on the use of entrepreneurial mindset, 3D printing, and Virtual and Augmented Reality to help develop prosocial and proactive behaviors when challenges or threats arise.By empowering pupils to make decisions and guide directions through immersive and project-based teaching approaches with elements of gamification and competition, we provide a more innovative, challenging and inclusive STEM and ICT education.

CRIS – Combating crisis situations by innovative STEM tools and entrepreneurship skills is funded by the Erasmus + Program – Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships – School.


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