COMMIT: a new project for extremism and radicalisation’s prevention by CSC Danilo Dolci

Apr 27, 2020News

Even if from home (at the moment), CSC Danilo Dolci is coordinating a new project funded by the European Commission under the DG Migration and Home Affairs, through the Internal Security Fund – Civil Society Empowerment Programme.

The project is called COMMIT – COMMunIcation campaign against exTremism and radicalization and aims to prevent & dissuade vulnerable young people (aged from 13 to 25) in 4 partner countries (Italy, Austria, Netherlands and Greece) from extremism, radicalism & terrorism providing them with skills relevant to co- create counter narratives challenging extremist online propaganda and alternative narratives promoting democratic values, tolerance & cooperation, and to identify & resist extremist online content.

COMMIT adopts a trans-medial approach combining online campaigning & face to face activities: 3 communication campaigns will be developed addressing: fake news, hate speech, populistic propaganda; right-/left-wing extremism; Islamic radicalism & terrorism; and a set of capacity building activities (training courses, workshops, contests, events) will be carried out in order to empower young people, university students, media professionals, practitioners and stakeholders to meet the new challenges linked to extremist propaganda online & radicalisation in our societies.

In the next two years, we will commit to co-create and spread alternative an positive narratives: for now we are working from home, starting a research based on a content analysis and a target audience mapping in a view to build an effective communication strategy for the campaigns’ development. From the next academic year, we will start our training activities addressed to university students, followed by workshops with young people in our countries.

We are preparing exciting news! Stay tuned and contact us to know more.

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