Enhancing critical thinking through Reciprocal maieutic approach

Sep 8, 2022News

The first in-presence transnational partner meeting of REACT project has been realized from 5th to 7th, September 2022 in Città di Castello, Italy. The meeting has been attended by all representatives of REACT consortium.

We very were happy to discuss the future development of the project outcomes and the next activities. Alongside the development of the TPM, on 6th September, an international Reciprocal Maieutic Workshop has been realized, focused on the theme of “Peace”.

CSC Danilo Dolci presented the history of Danilo Dolci and his efforts in re-build the community in Sicily starting from the experience of Mirto school, the Jato dome built also thanks to the application of Reciprocal Maieutic Approach workshops with citizens. The active participation of Danilo Dolci was undelined to the strokes for rights of workers, as well as his commitment during the peace marches as well as the fasting he participated to, in order to sustain social changes and improvements in local community. 

The workshop started with a circle-time self-presentation by each participant, telling few words also about inner dreams. Then, the coordinator led the exploration of the topic basing on the “What is Peace?” text written by Danilo Dolci. Participants explored the topics reflecting on their own and others’ perceptions and ideas about peace, giving attention to the meaning of the words, quite often referring to the etymological meaning of the terms. The activity lasted 2 hours and has been a powerful tool to let partners enter the practicality of the REACT activities.  

The main features of the Montessori perspective about education that could be exploited during the development of the maieutic laboratories were explained such as “the attention given to the preparation of the environment”. Another point of interest underlined and particularly linked to the methodology of the REACT workshop, is the idea of a “cosmic” education that has been theorized by Montessori in her late lifetime. “Cosmic” education promotes the need to grow up a human being aware of his responsibility and able to consciously participate to the cosmic evolutionary process.

In the coming months all partners will be engaged with national teachers training and the implementation of workshops in schools.

REACT – REciprocal maieutic Approach pathways enhancing Critical Thinking is cofinanced by Erasmus+ – Support for Policy Reform – Social inclusion through education, training and youth.


For further information, contact irene.ippolito@danilodolci.org.