DigiVET: a course to enhance the adaptation to virtual education

Oct 24, 2022News

The course of the DigiVET project to contribute to the adaptation of distance learning for vocational trainers and take part in their professional development, will be online soon.

From 18 to 20 October, the DigiVET course was piloted in Vienna by professional trainers from Romania, Italy, Austria, Greece, Luxembourg and Cyprus. The course of 30 hours and will soon be offered on the DigiVET digital platform. It will be freely accessible for all those trainers who wish to develop their digital competences and their ability to develop digital content for teaching.

The educators who participated in the trial in Vienna will be supported* by the project partners in the creation of their own online teaching module, which they will be able to include within their training offer. The modules will also be freely accessible within the DigiVET digital library.

DIGIVET – CREATING DIGITAL CONTENT WITH THE UTILISATION OF FREE ONLINE RESOURCES is funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme under Key Action 2, Strategic Partnerships in Vocational Education and Training. DigiVET aims to address the challenges in VET for both VET trainers and learners that have emerged from the transition to the digital age after COVID-19.


For further information visit the website of the project, follow us on Facebook, and contact Alessando Bosco alessandro.bosco@danilodolci.org