DISAWORK: Emotional Intelligence is the key

Feb 25, 2021News

The new project DISAWORK – Development and Implementation of a Social Emotional Approach to the Workplace (Erasmus + – KA2: Strategic Partnership | Adult) – has had its online Kick off Meeting among all the partners from 5 different European countries: it took place  on the 27th of January and it has been an important moment for meeting and sharing all the objectives and achievements that the consortium is planning on reaching through the implementation of the project.

The project focuses on the importance of a newly highly valued soft skill – Emotional Intelligence – seen as a key factor for the labor world and for the career development of individuals at all the steps of the workplace ladder: the project aims indeed at providing high quality management in emotional skills to European entrepreneurs, manager and SME, as well as their workers and employees.

By creating training tools and for improving emotional intelligence skills, the partner consortium aims to achieve the overall objective of the project, which is to highlight the importance of Emotional Intelligence Skills in the new global scenario.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To examine the level of managers’ Emotional Intelligence in Small and Medium Enterprises and promoting Emotional Intelligence (EI) for entrepreneurship.
  • To identify the ability to manage EI skills according to organizational climate and employees’ creativity.
  • To promote Social Responsibility among entrepreneurs by applying EI.
  • To make workers participants of a better management of their own emotions.

The KoM was the first step of a fruitful and long-lasting good relationship that will help the implementation of the project, through the foreseen output and activities. It has been also essential for setting the basis of the first Intellectual Output that needs to be developed “EMOJOBS” whose final aim is to identify the 10 main emotional skills that entrepreneurs’ need to manage for a high performance in a SME.




For further information, please contact Lisa Avarello: lisa.avarello@danilodolci.org.