Do you know the difference between problems, issues, challenges and crisis?

Jul 28, 2022News

At the first face-to-face meeting between the Cris project partners in Kobarid, which took place almost two years after the start of the project, the partners had the opportunity to decide together on some important aspects of the results under development.

Curriculum and handbook for teachers on crisis management, growth mindset, and AR/VR and 3D printing: a guiding material for students aimed at learning about crisis management, entrepreneurship and growth mindset, augmented and virtual reality and 3D printing technologies.

In order to bring the topic of crisis management closer to the participants, it was important to explain the differences between these four concepts:

Crisis is an unstable, negative situation where an individual, a group of individuals, or a society feels threatened. It is often associated with an unforeseen event, characterised by negative outcomes and severe, life changing consequences. The notion of these can in turn lead to insecurity, anxiety, intense fear, and helplessness often accompanied by hopelessness, panic, and denial. A crisis is always an unwanted and unexpected situation that causes damage to people, nature, organisations, or society and requires swift and immediate actions of everyone involved.

Challenge: A challenge is a barrier to climb over. An opportunity for success and growth. It is a level or a situation at which an individual believes he can, or even better, will succeed if they put in enough effort. It is something that they choose. Examples of challenges include: running a marathon, deciding on better grades next year, mastering a Rubik’s Cube or learning how to ski.

Issue: An issue is a dilemma about which a person is thinking or talking. It is a small situation that we know how to solve, and it is not life changing. However, it can cause some annoyance or consume some form of resource to solve or deal with. Examples of an issue could be: fake news, an argument, deciding which of two hobbies to take on (you like both but you can only choose one), an argument with a friend, a bad grade that you need to improve.

Problem: A problem is a task or situation that is difficult to solve or deal with because of its complexity. It arises when a person notices a discrepancy between his current situation and the goal he is pursuing, yet they do not know how to achieve or realise it. Examples of a problem include: being in debt, losing a job, or bullying (the latter often escalates to a personal crisis).

CRIS – Combating crisis situations by innovative STEM tools and entrepreneurship skills is funded by the Erasmus + Program – Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships – School.


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