6 meetings with the young group of Draw Your Thoughts – Ge to know the local workshop made in Palermo

Feb 24, 2023News

Draw Your Thoughts continues to make progress and comes to the realization of local workshops in the countries involved: the purpose of the workshops was to involve 48 young people per country for the realization of a creative and learning path on storytelling and graphic facilitation that will lead the participants to the creation of awareness campaigns on local issues.

Six meetings were held between December 2022 and February 2023 in Palermo, including three at the CSC Danilo Dolci and another three in three classes of high schools in the city. Thanks to the support of the youth workers, the participants involved were able to learn new skills and create the awareness campaigns on topics to cover, which they chose themselves and were very diverse: gambling, pollution, drugs addiction, mental health, animals and so on.

Some workshops were also attended by three job shadowers who enthusiastically participated in the preparation of the activities: two girls from France that belonged to the Pistes Solidaires youth workers’ group and a girl from Kenya, from the Resource Hub for Development organization.

The final results of the campaigns are exciting and can be viewed on the project website: drawyourthoughts.eu, where all other resources on storytelling and graphic Facilitation will also be found.

To follow di updates of the project, follow also the Facebook page! For other unquires, write lisa.avarello@danilodolci.org

DRAW YOUR THOUGHTS is cofinanced by Erasmus + – KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices -Capacity Building in the field of Youth.


For further information visit the website https://drawyourthoughts.eu/ or write Lisa Avarello lisa.avarello@danilodolci.org