Education on healthy lifestyles: it begins in the preschool age thanks to the SUN project

Jul 6, 2022News

In recent months the pilot sport program for pre-school children foreseen by the project SUN – Sports, health and fUn for preschool children has been taking place in Palermo, Italy.

Expert trainers in conducting sports activities with preschool children are collaborating with the teachers of the kindergarten and primary school of the Lombardo Radice Institute in Palermo as part of the SUN project. The result is that about 100 pupils aged 4 to 6 are currently engaged in regular sports activities during school hours with the aim of raising awareness from an early age on having an active and healthy lifestyle.

The type, modality and frequency of the sports exercises were determined by an experienced trainer responsible for conducting the activities based on the age group and physical condition of the participating children. In general, the sports activities were carried out on the basis of educational modules developed in the research phase by the project consortium and are based on elements of gymnastics and athletics with the aim not only of improving motor skills and coordination of the pupils but also to increase social inclusion and have fun.

Relief was also given to education on healthy eating, which is why colouring books containing explanatory drawings and notions on healthy and balanced nutrition were printed for the participating children.

Education and awareness raising on the subject of the kindergarten teaching staff and also of families will be carried out in the context of Multiplier sport events so that the sustainability of the project can be guaranteed by providing them with useful tools for conducting sports activities for the little ones on a constant basis. The results of these prolonged activities will then be evaluated at the end through questionnaires administered to teachers and parents and summarized in a final publication that will be disseminated at European level.

The project SUN – Sports, health and fUn for preschool children is co-financed by the Erasmus + Sport program and aims to raise awareness of the need for physical activity and proper nutrition as the basis of a healthy lifestyle by changing the habits of preschool children, their families and teachers.


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