CSC and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs: the end of an experience, the beginning of new opportunities

Jan 31, 2017Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, News

2 years of work, 21 successful relationships, 11 Italian young entrepreneurs went abroad and 10 new entrepreneurs from different European countries hosted from 1 to 6 months: these ones are the most relevant numbers reached by Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci” as local contact point for the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program.

But beside each number there is a story made of talent, will, commitment and cooperation between talented young people with a project to be realised and experienced entrepreneurs willing to share their expertise and expand their business. These are the stories we wanted to tell, to inspire other people to do the same, to go beyond their comfort zone and start the path to transform their idea in a project, their dream in entrepreneurial reality.

These are the stories of Giulia, Angela, Andrea, Giovanni, Carmelo, Emma, Giovanna, Rosalva, Giuliana, Simone and Marco: young people from all over the Italy who participated in a professional exchange abroad within companies of different sectors, from sustainable architecture to consultancy about European funds, from video-editing to photograph, from e-commerce to no-profit. There is who had the opportunity to restore a famous British cathedral and who had produced his own beer, sharing production’s technics of Italy and Scotland, all of them enriching their knowledge in their field, learning but also giving their contribution to the hosting company.

There are also the stories of Giulio, Vincenza, Giuseppe, Pietro, Angele, Mark and Christopher, experienced entrepreneurs from Sicily, Sardinia and Malta who hosted new entrepreneurs from all Europe, to help them but also gaining fresh ideas, new approaches and an international vision to give an added value to their company. Some of them have started common projects after the exchange period, or undertaken commercial cooperation or developed new aspects of their business.

Whichever way one looks at it, the impact has been positive and the results tangible.

The final event of the project EG – Europe Growing, within the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program, has been held at CSC Danilo Dolci last Thursday 26 of January 2017. Young would-be entrepreneurs and potential hosting entrepreneurs have participated, to know the results reached in the last two years and to get information about participation’s procedure and its benefits.

There are still a lot of local contact points which can support your participation to the program, also here in Palermo!

If you are not convinced yet, take a look on the video testimony of one of the participants, or read more about our results or write an e-mail to:

The CSC staff thanks ones participated, to the event and to the program!

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs - PREZI Presentation