Migrant women and language learning: Feeling Home project Has just started

Jan 23, 2023News

On the 1st and on the 2nd of December 2022 the partners of the Feeling Home project met in Athens to discuss the launch of the activities in the various participating cities: Berlin, Athens, Malmo, Barcelona and Palermo. Feeling Home is a project co-funded by the Erasmus + programme which aims to facilitate the integration of women with a migration background into the local community through non-formal language teaching.

In all the countries involved, many women from different places have started to visit and explore their host city, expanding their knowledge of the host community and of the people who live there. During the guided tours and in the subsequent meetings, they were accompanied by teachers who carried out activities and exercises with them aimed at improving their language level.

The ultimate goal of these tours is the creation of 5 different maps which will narrate the 5 cities where the project has taken place. Through this project we want to tell the world from the perspective of women who, due to family responsibilities and the difficulties are forced to face, are too often relegated to the margins of a society that is not always able to support them.

Each time the participants indicate the places they are most interested in visiting, revealing their needs and desires. Feeling Home aims to demonstrate that even the margin has a voice and that these people, despite their condition, can find their own way in the community through a process of inclusion which will take their needs into consideration.

During the meeting, Iberika, the coordinator partner, showed the structure of its linguistic curriculum, within which various activities and topics, created for the language lessons with migrant women, were indicated. Moreover, the replicability of this course will be guaranteed by the development of a Moodle platform, in which, each partner organization, in collaboration with the teachers involved in the project, will upload the information and materials elaborated during the lessons. The final result will be the design of a guide for the creation of a didactic unit for teaching language to migrant people.

In the days following the project meeting, the first Feeling Home’s newsletter was released! It reports the launch of the activities and what we will do in the next months.

You can consult it directly here!

About the project

Feeling Home is an Erasmus+ project funded by the KA2 Programme – Strategic Partnership in Adult Education. It aims to reduce the social exclusion of migrant women through learning opportunities for women, educators and language teachers.


For further information, visit our website https://feelinghomeproject.eu/, follow us on Facebook or contact us at the following e-mail address: giulia.dannibale@danilodolci.org.