Teaching language to foreigners: soon to be available all Feeling Home resources

Dec 4, 2023News

Language skills are often determined for successful integration. That is why the Feeling Home project aims to foster the integration of women with migrant backgrounds into the local community through nonformal language instruction.

In the past months, guided tours and lectures organized as part of the Erasmus + Feeling Home project have concluded in Athens, Berlin, Barcelona, Malmo and Palermo. Many women from non-European countries participated in tours to learn more about their new landing city. At the end of each visit, experienced language teachers in the field of nonformal education conducted a series of lessons to support the students in the process of learning the language of the new country.

It was a long and exciting journey, during which the need to value cultural differences as bridges for sharing experiences emerged. Indeed, the women involved felt comfortable telling stories and anecdotes from their country of origin, comparing them with life lived in the place they inhabit today. It was important for the teachers to remember how normal it is to feel different. Understanding this is the first step in co-creating a path of inclusion that does not flatten diversity but enhances it, emphasizing its creative power.

On November 23, with the other project partners, we met in Barcelona to go over this journey together and work on the very last resources to share with you! The language curricula developed by the partnership are already available on the project website. There you can take a look at the activities and exercises carried out in the different lessons, in the different countries. Coming soon, also on our website, you will find the guides to the 5 cities created together with the women who participated in the tours; 5 short videos telling the story of the progress of the project in the 5 cities; a map with a brief description of all the places visited; a handbook containing activities and good practices selected by the partnership; and 5 teaching units created through the Moodle platform to give all teachers interested in the project the opportunity to replay the experience in their own contexts.

If you are a teacher or an educator working in the field of teaching language to migrant people, you should definitely not miss the opportunity to check out our resources, at: https://feelinghomeproject.eu/. The materials we will be sharing in the coming months will enable you to find interactive and creative ways to teach language. Come and visit us!

About the project

Feeling Home is an Erasmus+ project funded by the KA2 Programme – Strategic Partnership in Adult Education. It aims to reduce the social exclusion of migrant women through learning opportunities for women, educators and language teachers.


For further information, visit our website https://feelinghomeproject.eu/, follow us on Facebook or contact us at the following e-mail address: giulia.dannibale@danilodolci.org.