The first meeting with the youth workers in Palermo

Apr 5, 2022News

The first meeting with the selected Youth Workers of the project Draw Your ThoughtGraphic facilitation & Storytelling to enhance creative and intercultural skills, took place last 25th of March at the CSC’s office.

The project aims to enhance the professional, social and personal skills and competences of youth workers which will lead to an improvement of the youth sector as well as social inclusion and empowerment of youngsters with fewer opportunities.

In this context it has been particularly relevant to focus on the objectives of the project, such as improving the quality of youth work through an innovative pedagogical approach that uses Storytelling (ST) and Graphic Facilitation (GF) as main competences to acquire.

During the meeting it has been beautiful to get to know the participants and share expectations and ideas on how to take the first steps of the project together.

The results of the Italian research on good practices in the use od ST and GF have been shared and also the foreseen field research through interviews with educators will be shared among the group: the aim of this last one is to create a Graphic Vocabulary made of symbols and images that can refer easily to ideas and specific concept at national level.

At the end of June there will also be the International Training Course in which all the Youth Workers of the involved countries (Italy, France, Senegal, Zambia and Kenya) will meet and will increase their knowledge on ST and GF and share the results of the researches and of the Graphic Vocabularies.  The aim of the course is to give a practical start to the use of ST and GF in Youth Work, showing its multiple benefits. We will analyze the peculiarities and similarities between the respective “graphic vocabularies” laying the foundations for the creation of a visual DYT database.

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DRAW YOUR THOUGHTS is cofinanced by Erasmus + – KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices -Capacity Building in the field of Youth.