Are we one step closer to become GREEEN?

Nov 24, 2022News

This was the question we tried to answer during the transnational meeting in Cyprus of the project GREEEN. Actually, the partner meeting in Nicosia on the 14th and 15th of November had this purpose: figure out well what the next steps are.

After the training in Ohrid organized in early July and the summer break for the project target-schools, the partners were responsible for of expanding our network schools participating in the project. In addition to taking stock of the situation of the schools involved, we had a chance to figure out how to organize and replicate the training held in Ohrid with help from participants from our own countries.

In the next phase within the schools, trainings will be organized for each project activity, after which the following activities for students and teachers will begin:

  • an online journal: a series of 100+ online contents on the topics of environmental issues and entrepreneurship created by teachers and school children;
  • 8 modules of 10 online lessons in natural sciences, social Sciences, technology and art.
  • an eco-competition with 20 site Eco-interventions;
  • an online comic/graphic book series “The Green Monster Stories”;
  • 8 entrepreneurial projects undertaken by national teams consisting of teachers and pupils;
  • a series of extracurricular activities in Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Technology and Art created by teachers and pupils;
  • an eco-entrepreneurial curriculum.

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GREEEN – GAMES, RESOURCES, ENVIRONMENT, ENTERPRENURSHIP AND EDUCATION NETWORK is a project funded by the program Erasmus + – KA2: Cooperation Partnerships | School, and aims to build capacities that successfully address local and regional environmental, social and educational issues/challenges.


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