Green Journal: a blog written by students to take care of the environment

Jul 21, 2023News

An international blog run by students and teachers on environment and sustainability issues: Green journal is an innovative and interesting way to engage young people, let them find out more about pollution of water, air and land, climate change and food waste, or damage caused by plastic.

The Green journal was created as one of the results of the GREEEN project. Initially, last July a training was organized at the international level in which some students and teachers from Cyprus, Romania, North Macedonia and Italy participated. Their task was to carry forward the skills they learned on the project topics and then conduct the trainings at the national level. During these trainings we learned together how to write an article and the basic rules for running a blog. From then on, all schools involved were responsible for writing and publishing articles that will help raise awareness on how to take care of the environment in a sustainable way.

Do you want to know how you can reduce food waste? Are you interested in how much pollution is caused by the careless use of plastic? Want to learn more about sustainable transportation? Find out this and more on our blog: go to

To discuss the impact of this and other initiatives developed within the GREEEN project, we met with partners in Brasov, Romania, in early June.

For further information, visit the website, read the blog or contact Katarina Vuksan:

GREEEN – GAMES, RESOURCES, ENVIRONMENT, ENTERPRENURSHIP AND EDUCATION NETWORK is a project funded by the program Erasmus + – KA2: Cooperation Partnerships | School, and aims to build capacities that successfully address local and regional environmental, social and educational issues/challenges.