Initiation: social entrepreneurship and the climate change challenge

Nov 29, 2022Early School Leaving, News

How can we tackle the issues connected to the global challenge of climate change, starting with schools? This is the aim of the project Initiation, that through environmental education, social entrepreneurship and social innovation aims at addressing climate change, by giving schools the tools to be prepared and skilled for facing the business world with attention to also environmental challenges.

On the 24th and 25th of October the partnership of Initiation has successfully conducted the second Transnational Meeting in Pärnu, Estonia with the purpose of discussing the first results of the project, which is a state of the art on the European curriculums in highschools on the level of knowledge and inclusion of topic such as social entrepreneurship, social innovation and climate change.

Most importantly, in the first part of the project, the structure of the foreseen training for teachers and students is being laid down and it will be fully developed in the upcoming months. The curriculum will be the core of the project and it will be a valuable tool for addressing all the topics that are nor sufficiently developed in European highschools curriculum.

The next results of the project will include the piloting of the training with selected teachers from all the partner countries and a training on the curriculum. For updates on the project, check the Facebook page!

INITIATION – Fostering green social innovation and social entrepreneurship in school education project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ program (Key Action 2 – Cooperation Partnership in school education) and aims to  foster the social innovation and social entrepreneurship mind-set of high schools and their motivation to become more community oriented, and be actively involved in designing solutions for environmental problems that their local societies are facing.


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