The test with the Initiation project schools is soon to come!

Oct 11, 2023News

How to address climate change and related issues at school? How can business innovation that also deals with social issues be applied to tackle climate change? The Initiation project aims to answer these questions by offering good practices related to entrepreneurship, social innovation and environmental education in schools.

In particular, it is finalizing an online training course for secondary schools, precisely with the aim of providing students with useful tools for coping with climate change. The project’s European partners have collaborated extensively in developing the course, which will soon be available in its final version in English, Greek, Italian and Estonian on the Initiation website for all secondary schools. They also tested it during the faculty training held in Palermo at the end of May 2023. On this occasion, lɜ teachers met to discuss the resources and how to adapt them to each context. They then tested the functionality of the Virtual Social Enterprise: a platform that allows students to create their own social enterprise ideas and communicate them between schools or between teams in the same classes.

After the revision and actualization of all modules and the complete development of the Virtual Social Enterprise platform, Initiation is finally ready to begin the 6-month pilot test in the European schools participating in this first phase!

In the meantime, while waiting for the final version of the training course, you can explore the Initiation resources already available! These are mini-games to test your knowledge of climate change issues.

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INITIATION – Fostering green social innovation and social entrepreneurship in school education project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ program (Key Action 2 – Cooperation Partnership in school education) and aims to  foster the social innovation and social entrepreneurship mind-set of high schools and their motivation to become more community oriented, and be actively involved in designing solutions for environmental problems that their local societies are facing.


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