Joy and creativity: how to use them in your trainings

Nov 24, 2023News

Reconnecting with oneself, one’s body, one’s emotions and one’s individuality, is useful and important to begin a path of awareness for the rediscovery and enhancement of one’s skills, and thus for entering or re-entering the world of work.

In the past few months, five trainings were launched in Budapest, Vienna, Palermo and Ueckermünde to disseminate the innovative JOY methodology! The educators who took part in this initiative had the opporunity to experience the different approaches chosen by the partnership of the project Ode to Joy – Developping Attunement through the Experience of Joy. As part of the project, in fact, 5 functional methods were identified for engaging NEET people and structuring a pathway that could increase their desire to enter into an educational or professional dimension.

Exercises in storytelling, art, theater, working with nature, and somatic practices, used in the various trainings, will soon be available for download from the Toolbox to be developed on the project website. In addition, also on our website, the consultation of the Handbook produced by the organizations involved will provide access to the suggestions and advice given by the various experts of the 5 disciplines interviewed for the occasion. Educators and facilitators will also be able to draw inspiration from the training curricula devised by the various project partners, take cues from them or formulate new ones, choosing the activities and methods that best suit them.

In mid-November, the meeting in Graz with the other members of the partnership was useful to work on what had been anticipated and to proceed with the drafting of the Positioning Paper – a document of policy recommendations addressed to decision-makers, stakeholders, training providers, and organizations working with NEETs to disseminate the JOY model at the European level, emphasizing the importance of positive psychology in enhancing the employability and participation of NEETs.

If you are an educator working in this field, you can’t miss the opportunity to check out the resources that will soon be published at: The materials we will be sharing in the coming months will allow you to expand your horizons and delve into methods useful to your work. Don’t hesitate and come take a look!

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Ode to Joy – Developing Attunement through the Experience of Joy is a European project funded by the Erasmus + KA2 Partnership in Adult Education programme, which intends to increase peopl’es ability to experience and express positive emotions both in work and private contexts.


  • Coordinator: Rogers Foundation for Person-Centred Education – Hungary
  • Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci – Italy
  • GeSoB – Gesellschaft für Sozialforschung und Bildung – Austria
  • UWEZO Gmbh – Germany
  • Astoria Színházi Közművelődési Egyesület – Hungary