JOY: Experiential and creative methods for psychophysical well-being and validation of competences

Jul 22, 2022News

Reconnecting with oneself, one’s body, one’s emotions, and one’s individuality, is useful and important to begin a path of awareness for the rediscovery and valorisation of one’s competences, and thus for entering or re-entering the job market.

A large percentage of what we learn during our lives happens in informal contexts, and this is even more true for NEETs, people not in education, employment or training, for whom this percentage is 100%.

It is therefore essential to create a bridge between informally learned skills and the job market, first of all through the personal valuing of one’s skills and awareness of them, and then through their formal validation, so that they are made visible and recognized by companies and recruiters, in order to encourage the participation of NEETs in society and job market.

The JOY project has this goal, and aims to achieve it by using experiential methods such as theatre, bodywork, dance, music, symbol work, and storytelling, along with prior learning validation methods, for the support of adult educators and NEETs.

During the week of June 13-19, the project partners together with their expert trainers met in Ueckermunde, Germany, for a learning event aimed at experiencing these methods firsthand, and reflecting on them in order to create a coherent learning pathway to achieve the project goals.

It was an intense experience of reflection and awareness about emotions, the body, the environment and relationships with others, which allowed us to learn new methods, approaches and gave us new inspiration for our work.

In the coming months, a training course will be created for the application of JOY’s pedagogical model, and focus groups will be organized to gather the views and feedback of adult educators, counsellors, and guidance counsellors, to whom the developed pedagogical model will then be addressed, in order to propose to them training and support approaches for NEETs and young job seekers.

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ODE TO JOY – Developing Attunement through the Experience of Joy is a project co-funded by Erasmus+ programme, Cooperation partnerships in adult education.