Maieutic workshops at Istituto Perlasca in Idro

Mar 24, 2014News

Laboratori-maieutici-a-Idro-all'istituto-Perlasca_webSome days ago a series of maieutic workshops took place at Istituto Superiore “Giacomo Perlasca” (Giacomo Perlasca High School), in Idro (BS). Fourth grade students – from different courses (Operatore Socio Sanitario, Liceo Scientifico and Istituto Alberghiero*) – have participated in the event.


The proposal for such an initiative has been made by students, who had previously met Amico Dolci in October 2013 during a meeting organized in their school by Guido Piccini Foundation. They have therefore expressed the desire of experiencing maieutic workshops the way they have been introduced to.

The headmaster Antonio Butturini consented to their request and asked students to think about a suitable formula that might allow different classes to experience the workshops more than once. After having agreed upon March to be the most suitable period, they prepared an intense calendar, to concede to each group (70 students in total) to take part in two 2-hour workshops. Throughout those days, they had the chance of dealing with several issues.

After three morning workshops (from Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th ), all the students have finally met for a collective forum, so that the three groups could talk and valuate the importance of the experience they have lived.

The workshops ended with a small ceremony, during which students have read poems written by Danilo Dolci and themselves, besides everybody had the chance of listening to songs and musical performances for flute and guitar.


 *School for Medical Social Worker – Scientific Lyceum – School for Hospitality and Tourism