LEAP – The Pedagogical Booklet for youth educators is available now!

Jan 12, 2021News

In time of Covid-19 LEAP project did not stop its activities. During these months all partners worked to finalise the first Intellectual Output (IO).

This booklet is a tool for youth professionals with good practices & tips to implement PBL within youth organisations. This Booklet serves as a resource to support youth trainers in developing knowledge and skills. In order to address the issue of youth participation, LEAP builds its work on Project-based Learning (PBL). PBL is a model that organises learning around projects.

This output contains a literature review of Project based learning (PBL), a bibliography on PBL, its core principles, examples of application within youth organisations derived from youth organisations’ work practices. The final result is a booklet, which deals with content related to PBL and the training for youth workers leaded by the LEAP partners between November 2019 and April 2020.

This Booklet is therefore divided into three main parts, the first part focusing on the theoretical background, followed by two practice-oriented sections.

  • Part I outlines the theoretical background of PBL, exploring the origins and basic principles of the approach based on existing literature.
  • Part II aims to demonstrate how elements of PBL are applied within the context of non-formal education. To do this, we first “map the field”, offering a short introduction to the youth sector in the participating countries as well as a presentation of the participating youth organisations. Then, we provide examples of how these organisations had previously incorporated various elements of the PBL approach in their projects.
  • Part III will offer guidance on how to train youth workers about PBL and on the topics of youth projects, youth participation and European mobility. The materials, practices and suggestions presented are based on the experiences from the Youth Workers’ Trainings, which were carried out within the LEAP Project.

Finally, A “resources” document that complements this Booklet is created as a separate appendix. It contains hands-on information, a training programme and examples of tools.