No one is you!

Aug 29, 2023News

Is mental health an important topic for you? If you are a young person wishing to learn more about yourself and the world around you, the LETsTALK manual will provide opportunities for reflection and learning.

No one is you! Let’s talk about mental health – Workbook for youth: this workbook is designed to support the reader in reflections on important everyday life issues, whether it be growth, relationships, desires, or possibilities. Between short exercises, introspective questions, and creative activities, the goal is to allow young people to look inside themselves and focus on areas and actions that are important to them in order to understand what makes them feel better, as well as to offer some strategies for achieving well-being and finding role models.

The workbook consists of several chapters that provide space for talking about mental health, relationships, identity and gender, communication and creativity, and creating and achieving goals.

You can see this workbook as your kind of diary and inspiration, but also as an indicator of who can be useful in your environment for your personal growth and development. This workbook is designed as a support tool for young people to test their understanding of the topic of mental health and to interface with professionals from different fields – youth work, psychotherapy, teaching – and discuss exercises with them.

The main goal is to create the conditions to open up about important issues, connect with each other, communicate and better understand their emotions, and reflect on their strengths.

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LETSTALK – DEVELOPING GENDER SENSITIVE MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAM FOR YOUNG PEOPLE is a project financed by the program ERASMUS+KA: Cooperation partnerships in youth, and wants to strengthen the capacity of youth workers in supporting young peoples’ mental health with focus on gender sensitive approach to mental health issues.


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