Let’s talk about youth mental health

Nov 7, 2023News

Palermo gathered partners of LETsTALK project, in this ocasion they got a chance to review all the results developed since the beginning of the project, finalize the work on Digital platform and talk about events to be organised.

Project Result 2 included realization of training curriculum, Handbook for youth workers and the Workbook for young people which are now online and can be downloaded in the following languages: English, Croatian, Serbian, Greek and Italian at the web site: https://letstalk-project.eu/results/.

Project Result 3 DIGITAL PLATFORM YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH is an online platform which contains all project results alongside up-to-date research, good practice examples and stories on the topic of Mental Health and youth work.

 This open educational resource have 4 key sections:


During the meeting partners spoke about the organization of final events, of which 4 will be organized, each partner is responsible for organizing an event in their country. This will be the great opportunity to present the work done in the past two years to a wider audience.

After the first day of meeting, the project partner went for a field visit to Protego, the first center against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity for the provinces of Palermo and Trapani. The center guarantees a listening and taking charge service, in conjunction with local public services, but also legal counseling, psychological counseling, family mediation, syphilis and HIV testing, support and services for LGBTQI+ migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, as well as training, information, events and meetings in schools. Partners got an opportunity to learn more about actual situations in Palermo and surrounding areas from Protego operators.

At the conclusion of two very fruitful days of meeting, partners discussed implementation of project results in the future but also about the possibility of some future collaborations on new projects as  continuation of the work on this very important topic.

To stay up-to-date visit letstalk-project.eu or contact Katarina Vuksan: katarina.vuksan@danilodolci.org.

LETSTALK – DEVELOPING GENDER SENSITIVE MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAM FOR YOUNG PEOPLE is a project financed by the program ERASMUS+KA: Cooperation partnerships in youth, and wants to strengthen the capacity of youth workers in supporting young peoples’ mental health with focus on gender sensitive approach to mental health issues.


For further information visit the website https://letstalk-project.eu/ or contact Katarina Vuksan: katarina.vuksan@danilodolci.org.