Youth workers as key players in supporting youth

Apr 3, 2023News

How to address better the mental health problems of the young people? Let’s Talk works to increase the quality, innovation and recognition of youth workers to better understand the situation of both children and youth.

The 5 days training in Rijeka united 34 youth workers and young people from Croatia, Italy, Serbia and Greece. During these days, we discussed topics such as:

  • Mental health of young people nowadays;
  • Emotions and gender;
  • Social skills with the focus on communication and building and maintaining important relationships;
  • Gender stereotypes and gender equality;
  • The voice of young people.

During the training, the participants worked in an international group of youngsters and youth workers. Through the given modules, they helped co-create an educational program on the importance of youth mental health with a gender-sensitive approach.

The methods that were used were mainly interactive and included workshops, discussions, and various exercises. The working environment was very relaxed and fun, with great sharing of experiences, ideas and suggestions, but also with sufficient time to connect with others and explore the surroundings.

In the coming months project consortium will work on the gender-sensitive youth mental health program and the resources toolkit.

The training program consists of:

  1. Training curriculum.
  2. Handbook for youth workers, focused on:
    • Importance of gender perspective on mental health of youth from developmental perspective.
    • Recommendations on gender-sensitive support to young people by youth workers.
    • Gender-sensitive pedagogical tools and interventions in supporting young people’s mental health.
  3. Workbook for young people: different self-reflective, informative and interactive handouts for young people.

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LETSTALK – DEVELOPING GENDER SENSITIVE MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAM FOR YOUNG PEOPLE is a project financed by the program ERASMUS+KA: Cooperation partnerships in youth, and wants to strengthen the capacity of youth workers in supporting young peoples’ mental health with focus on gender sensitive approach to mental health issues.


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