Invisible racism and unconscious prejudices: recognize them and fight them! Participate in LIGHT’s workshop

Mar 13, 2024News

Do you work with young people? Are you an expert on social inclusion? Or maybe you are a young person who wants to be active for a fairer society? We have something for you!

A creative workshop for the LIGHT project is starting in our venue: two afternoons of exchanging ideas, creations and group work. We will discover new working methods and learn how to design activities. Become part of the team!

What is LIGHT?

LIGHT is an initiative dedicated to improving the responses of youth work to unconscious prejudices and invisible racism, contributing to the fight against them and increasing the inclusiveness of European society. With the workshop we are organising, we will create activities to be included in a manual for social workers and youth workers. Each activity will be created in groups and will provide the opportunity to learn about working methods: role-playing, storytelling, theatre of the oppressed and more.

The workshop will only be the first step of a participative journey: after the creation of the manual, together with the team we will develop tests for recognising one’s own hidden prejudices and the creation of an online platform with open courses and a dedicated space in the European LIGHT network will follow.

Workshop information

The workshop will be held at Epyc, 42 Pignatelli Aragona Street (Palermo), on Friday, April 18 at 3 p.m. For each methodology that will be introduced, we will discover together how to create ad hoc activities on the project theme.

To register or for more information write by April 18 to Salvatore Duminuco: We are waiting for you!

LIGHT Youth work sheds LIGHT to unconscious bias and invisible racism is a project funded by the program Erasmus+ – KA2 – Cooperation partnerships in youth.


For more information contact Salvatore Duminuco: We are waiting for you!