M-EASY: Improving the integration of low-skilled adults

Nov 13, 2017News


M-EASY: Improving the integration of low-skilled adults

How to improve the integration of low-skilled adults?

How to support the educators that deal with the education of the adult low-skilled?

The project contributes to achieve Europe 2020 benchmarks:

  • to decrease number of low-skilled adults in mathematical skills up to 15%;
  • to increase employment rate by 75%;
  • to raise participation of adults in lifelong learning by 15%.

M-EASY project aims at:

  1. improving the integration of low-skills adults through developing their mathematic skills by using problem-solving ICT-based approach;
  2. monitoring, assessing and collecting learners achievements in order to facilitate the validation of obtained basis skills;
  3. extending and developing educators’ competences needed for effective training of the low-skilled;
  4. increasing engagement of local communities to foster inclusion and integration of low-skilled adults though education and learning.

Among the project outcomes we will produce:

  • Training course ‘M-Easy’ to develop mathematics skills of low skilled adults, including refugees, asylum seekers, migrants;
  • Toolkit for adult educators: Developing competences needed for effective running of ‘M-Easy’ training course;
  • Educational workshop for Local Communities Success of the integration of low-skilled adults through education.

The M-Easy project lasts 28 months and is funded by Erasmus+ Programme, KA2 Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education.

The project partnership holds together 7 organisations:

For info, please contact irene.ippolito@danilodolci.org.