A meeting in Greece to discuss Intergenerational Learning between elders and children

Jun 16, 2022News

The third transnational meeting of the project Best Friends Against Ageism was held in Athens.

After concluding the training program for health workers, social workers and volunteers who works with the elderly and having produced a collection of intergenerational games useful for planning intergenerational learning activities between elderly people (65+) and young children (4-5 years ), Best Friends partners met in Athens, Greece on May 12th and 13th 2022 to plan next steps and coordinate activities at the same time in the various implementing countries.

In the upcoming months, in fact, the national piloting phases will begin, during which the partners will be engaged both in the training of educators, care workers and social workers who work with old people and in the implementation of intergenerational learning activities and games between elderly and children. The chosen activities will make it possible to verify the benefits of intergenerational interactions between the target groups and to provide new tools to promote significant social development and natural intergenerational interaction.

The aim of the pilot phases will be to evaluate whether the creation and maintenance of meaningful intergenerational relationships through learning and play experiences can lead to a greater sense of belonging within the community, as well as to the recognition of each person’s knowledge and skills. For this reason, at the end of the activities the feedbacks of all participants will be collected, and conclusions will be drawn to be disseminated at European level.

Best Friends Against Ageism – Intergenerational workshops between old people and children to brake the isolation of elderly people and support their social inclusion is co-funded by the Erasmus + program (Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships | Adult Education) and aims to combat the isolation and social exclusion of older people and to provide an innovative method for social workers, volunteers and educators who work with older people to foster intergenerational learning.


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