From testing to improvement – TANDEM partners discuss the MOOC on Task-Based Language Teaching

Apr 14, 2022News

On the 30th and 31st of March, the TANDEM partners met online for the 4th transnational partner meeting of the project. The meeting was strategically planned after the conclusion of testing activities of the MOOC on TLBT for migrants on how to use the language teaching method “Task-Based Language Teaching” (TBLT) to teach their mother language. Hence the meeting aimed to set out the strength and weaknesses of the first version of the MOOC, and decide together an action plan for improvement before it will be made publicly available in June 2022.

The meeting was thus a moment to summarize the work done in the last 6 months, in which partners have been organizing local trainings and language activities to test the quality and effectiveness of the MOOC on TBLT, as well as guidelines for the organization of language cafés, which are language and cultural exchanges between migrants and local adults. Partners shared the outcomes of the testing phase, feedback from the participants and from the trainers, while also proposing practical improvements to the MOOC. During the first day, the experience of partners was shared amongst the partnership, whereas during the second day, the partnership worked together to produce a list of practical actions to be implemented for the improvement of the MOOC.

During the meeting, the framework for skills screening, monitoring and validation was presented. This framework is the final result of the project and was used as a tool to validate the competences of migrants acquired through the completion of the MOOC. However, it will also be a transferable tool for organizations throughout Europe to use in similar situations of non-formal learning opportunities and how to validate the skills acquired.

Furthermore, each partner will organize two local events: one in April and another in June/July. This will be the perfect opportunity to release the MOOC to the wider public and show language learners, teachers, and other interested parties the proposal of the TANDEM project: An upskilling pathway for migrants through a MOOC on TBLT, while creating opportunities for participants and MOOC users to use their existing linguistic and intercultural capabilities to create an educational offer, exchanges and dialogue.

The TANDEM project has recently extended its final date to the 31st of July, leaving the remaining time to improve and finalize the results of the project. These include a MOOC for migrants on the teaching method “Task-based Language Teaching”, a hand-out and guidelines to support intercultural and language exchanges, and a framework for skills screening, monitoring and validation of skills and competences acquired through non-formal learning (i.e. the MOOC).

For more information about the project and the published results, please check the project’s website or the TANDEM Facebook page

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