MYSTY: Discover the results and stories to promote cultural diversity

Oct 30, 2018News

On the 29th of October, the CSC Danilo Dolci organized the Multiplier Event in Alcamo. The event, hosted by I.T.E.I. G. Caruso High School involved around 40 participants among students and teachers of the 5th year of the high school to disseminate the results of the project.

The event kicked-off with a general presentation of the project objectives and progress, and with a description of the main outputs which are available on the MYSTY website

The workshop went on with a vision of the Digitals Stories for inclusion realized by the partners during the final stage of the Project

The pupils and Partners have used the Guides in order to capture their digital stories.

The guides include a range of tools and techniques that can be used to create a digital Storytelling which have been shown to students.

In the second half of the program, the participants were divided into 6 groups guided by the representatives of CSC staff.

Students had the opportunity to try digital storytelling toolkit. They were able to create their own video (about food, festival and family), enjoying the creative process of making a the story by creating text and choosing images to compile the video.

At the end of the workshops, each group shared the work carried out with all other students and teachers, and were invited to give their feedback about the event and the practical sessions.

The intention was to disseminate digital storytelling as widely as possible.

The event, which ended with a buffet offered by CSC Danilo Dolci, was therefore also a chance for a collaboration between the school and the organization.

The interventions ended with a word of gratitude of the school for the efforts and materials developed within the project, and a commitment to disseminate the toolkit further through their networks.

From now onwards, the toolkit to create a digital storytelling is available online in all partner language, free for personal or educational use.

MYSTY project – MyStory: Digital Storytelling Toolbox for Diversity in Schools is funded by the Erasmus + program – Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships Schools and aims to create innovative tools for pupils and teachers – specifically, digital storytelling – to share and introduce such teaching practice to enhance awareness on diversity within the school environment.

The project partnership holds together 8 organisations:

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