New Chapter: Classroom Activities to fight against hate speech online

May 31, 2018News

New Chapter: Classroom Activities to fight against hate speech onlineHow to face hate speech and promote critical thinking?

How to favor human rights among young people?

Students of  “Duca Abruzzi” High School of Palermo participated in two workshops  7th and 16th May 2018, within the framework of the project NEw CHapter –  NEtwork of Cooperation against Hate.

All the activities involved students aged from 14 to 16 years old.

We used non-formal methods to help participant interact, develop new skills, share knowledge, experiences, opinions, and values about human rights, discrimination and how to contrast hate speech.

The main purpose of the activities was actively involve students to provide education on the values of active citizenship and respect for human rights.

We presented No Hate Speech Movement to promote freedom of expression online by providing a safe space for people to express themselves free from fear of hate speech. The campaign seeks to decrease the levels of acceptance of hate speech, online and offline. It combats hate speech in all forms, including those that most affect young people, such as cyber-hate.

Due to the complicated nature of the issues that our project deals with, we had to apply a variety of methodologies to support the achievement of the objectives and to raise awareness among the students:

  • inclusive and interactive learning methods (brainstorming and group discussions, group work in small teams, case studies, debates) followed by debriefing and reflection session;
  • Creative thinking;
  • Creation of social posts.

Talk to students about the project and to share their own experiences has been an effective method to motivate them, encourage active learning, and develop key critical-thinking.

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NEw CHapter – NEtwork of Cooperation against Hate is a 15-month, 4-country Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership project, which includes 7 partners ranging from educational institutions to youth organizations, to ensure the cross-sectorial aim of the project:

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